The Science behind Yoga

When I first walked in the class, I was afraid, nervous. Nervous because I didn’t knew what I am looking for and what I will find. I knew the physical aspects of yoga, its benefits and all but never took it that seriously to be honest.

As I read somewhere that “Your energy introduces you before you even speaks”.

My energy before that first class was like a trapped soul looking to free itself. And I can still remember every single eye in that class was like a question for me. But as of today, after 7 months, I can already feel my energy flowing freely and I don’t get those questioning looks in the class any more :).  In fact, I receive a lot of smiles from happy souls.

When people around me, who are less aware or not at all aware about yoga, ask me questions like, Do you practice yoga to lose weight? or What difference do you feel after taking yoga class? or For how long are you going to practice it? Is it worth it?

I always find myself smiling on such questions ’cause I cant really answer them with words or with exact words I should say. It’s about feeling it. You can’t put the benefits of yoga or its importance in a single sentence or even in a single book. You can not judge it by the pose you see on the magazine cover. To better understand it you need to get on the mat and breathe and relax and let go. Even before that very first class I was unaware of its actual meaning and its significance in our daily life.

Here is the video which will give you a better insight on yoga, and how it changes your whole life and above all, why it is so important for us.

The Science Behind Yoga

Live, laugh, LOVE!






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