My journey through my mat!

Hello…. yes you!

Yes, yes I am talking to you…

Why are you looking so shocked… can’t I talk one on one with that amazing person who took some precious seconds or minutes out of his/her time and right now reading my blog with some curiosity 😉 🙂

Well, How are you? hope the summer is shining on your doorstep well this season 🙂 or if you are in South side of the world…winter is treating you nicely I hope 🙂

And that you are in good health ….:)

Okay so after a good, one-sided hi hellos ….here is the thing….its been 6 months on the mat! yayy! Yes…Well exactly its been 7 months but I had to take a leave from the mat for 1 month due to some medical condition, so its been 6 months in total. Well I’m an inconsistent fellow when it comes to do something religiously. I can lose interest very quickly…But not this time to my surprise! To tell the truth, I was so afraid that that one month break will make me lose my interest and will break my momentum. But in that one month I craved nothing more than getting back on my mat. I use to count days before I can set my feet on my mat again and go in savasana.

Some of the people who are new in the class ask me that if yoga has helped me in any miraculous way or did it helped me in losing weight or cured my low back pain etc. And I always tell them that yoga is like life… it gives you your very own experience but to know more about that everyone has to step on the mat. You have to live in order to experience life.

For me, it has been a life changing experience so far… I met myself after ages when I first stepped on that mat in January 2016. It is one of the best things I did for myself.

When you do something for your own self,  your body, your soul responds to that with joy, and there is nothing more pleasurable other than that feeling.

I attended a talk session about self-awareness some 3 years back and I still remember what that person who was leading the session said about miracle. She said if you ever wants to see the best miracle of God, then look at yourself in the mirror. Your body is THE best miracle in itself. The whole mechanism, the way it functions is a total miracle. And it does respond to your every call.

So treat it well… get to know it so that you can connect with your real self.


“Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.”
― Rumi


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