Yoga; a myth or a miracle?

There are so many different opinions of what Yoga is? I asked few people around me that what do they think “Yoga” actually is? And their reply made me amused yet disappointed at the fact that how less aware we are of things which are so beneficial for us.

Some of us thinks that its just sitting in an erect position and counting your breathes and some stretching to follow. Well, I think the society that I live in is basically so traditional and sorry to say hypocrite that it refuses to follow or even get to know something which is  not according to their religious or social beliefs. We are trained to follow our gender based duties till death; men will spend their lives earning and women will spend their lives cooking and looking after home and kids. When it comes to health, we are so highly ignorant that until we are admitted to hospitals we literally don’t care. In fact, some of us don’t even bother to care after their hospital visits.

One morning, I was reading an article about some yoga asana(pose) and one my colleague came into my cubicle and asked so how your classes are going and what its all about. I said well I cant just give you a short meaning full answer on what its all about, as you already know yoga is about mind, body and soul. But why don’t you come and join us for a trial class and finds out by yourself. And he replied with  a shocking expression. “But yoga is for girls, you know. It’s not a very “manly” workout”.


Well, who ever you are who is reading this, if you are in shock, then its ok, so was I. 🙂

It’s hilarious isn’t it. A 2000-years-old philosophy which was suddenly categorized on the basis of gender and not on benefits. It’s because we are so less aware of it.

When I started this class, even I was not aware of it much. All I knew was that it is an ancient philosophy towards life and that it is THE only way to sync your body, mind and soul together.

Well here’s my take on its myths:

Yoga is a form of workout: It’s not just a workout. It is more likely to work within and then work-out.

It is all about sitting and meditating only: Well, meditation is just a part of yoga. Yoga is about experiencing and witnessing what an aware body and mind can do together.

Gym classes are more challenging: If you think it is not as challenging as other forms of body workouts like weight lifting and all. Well try Vinyasa power yoga and you will have your answers.

– Yoga is for a young age. Well that is THE best part about it. Yoga has no boundaries. Nor in terms of age neither in terms of body size or structure.

Yoga practice is related to a certain religion or yoga is a religion: Yoga itself is not a religion nor you need to follow a certain religion to practice yoga. It is a philosophy, a practice which unites mind, body and soul.

Well, I am sure there are many other myths as well but right now these are the ones which I’ve been listening since I started my practice.

Now let’s come to the miracle part. Well I work 9 to 5 and my job is a desk job. So there is not much physical activity present in my day routine. I’ve been experiencing lower back pain and stiff neck issues since a year or two. Before joining yoga, I read a lot about relieving your neck pain or back pain through yoga. I tried some basic yoga stretches at home as well and that does gave me some relief. But when I joined yoga classes, just after few weeks I was getting more aware of my body movements and posture. I started feeling the muscles in my body contracting while I do the asanas(poses). My body stiffness and lower back pain is gone, not because I took yoga as a medication, well that is also one point, but mostly because yoga has made me more aware of my body. Now when ever I have some body pain or muscle pain, I know what body part to stretch mostly or on which muscle to put my attention. Still, I am not fully aware as I am a beginner and a long way to go. But well just in 3 months, I am experiencing miracles.

So if YOU (the reader) is also facing some kind of a mind body issue, try yoga. Focus more on its miracle side rather than myths. Try some basic yoga practice at home first. Try to feel the difference, and I can bet on it, you will end up wanting more of yourself 🙂

Thank you for reading 🙂
Keep smiling and keep breathing 🙂

With Love,









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