A beginning with no end!

Like as Rumi have said, ” Respond to every call that excites your spirit”. I have started a new journey more than a month back to reach out to my inner self, to me.

There comes a time when you are standing in the middle of everything, and everything moving away from you. Some how, you feel disconnected with your own self. You don’t know what to do, from where to start, where to go, whom to speak, whom to trust. You even feel distant to your spiritual believes. In short, you are empty and floating in void.

I am 30-years-old and for me, this is that time of my life. May be I have to take a step back from everyone else and step forward to myself. It has never been so hard before to listen to myself as it is now.

January 2016, a beginning of a new year. But somehow, this year has started quite differently for me. A more quieter, loner period of my life.  Solitude is what I cheerish but there is a thin line between feeling left alone and being in solitude. So I decided to reclaim what is mine, that is, my mind, body and soul. And what better way it could be then calling out the 5,000 years old practice of Vedas, Yoga.

A journey to connect your mind with your soul and your body.

One of my colleagues who was already practicing it since 2 years, persuaded me and asked me to come with her for a trial session. I took the decision and moved with it. On the day of trial, I was nervous because I didn’t knew how my body would react and what exactly am I looking for.

But as the trial session ended, I felt something inside of me moved. Tears rolled down my face and on to my yoga mat. It felt as if I was holding myself back for ages and have just met myself face-to-face. But this was not all, this was just a beginning. And there I decided, I will let go of everything else and hold on to myself. I would give my self this one hour where I will be with me and only me. I committed to do what ever it takes to take control of my body and sync it with my mind and soul. Let the energy flows.


This is the very place where it all started. It’s been a month now and I already feel a lot better. But as they say, Yoga is not just an exercise, it’s a life’s philosophy.

Through this blog I will share my journey into this ancient practice. My curiosity, my experiences, knowledge that I will gain; all will be posted here.

So this is it. This is the beginning of a new chapter. 🙂

Peace and Love to you all!
Stay calm and keep breathing 🙂


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