The Real Life Horcruxes

I am sure many of you have read Harry Potter or at least seen its movie. If none of the above then surely you have heard his name and his genius creator, J.K Rowling’s name.

For those of you who have read or seen Harry Potter do know about the story of “Horcruxes” and how Voldemort transfer’s part of his soul in each one of them so that he can achieve immortality.

Now consider this, what if I tell you that we are all a shadow of Voldemort in real life to some extent.

You disagree? Okay. Pick a pen and paper and list down the things you can’t live without (Including the name of your beloved gf/bf, just kidding).

In this world, where we talk less and text more, we are all slave of certain horcruxes. An ipad, xbox, car, smart apps (not to forget), Wifi, makeup, trendy clothes, and the list is huge.

We spend an ample amount of time creating stories on snapchat, rather than creating memories with family or friends. We post our daily updates on Facebook, rather than updating our parents about our lives or even taking updates from them. The Wikipedia is more reliable than the years of knowledge of our grandparents or parents. The tweets we receive are the real response we believe rather than the feedback of our friends or companions. Exploring Instagram feed is more fun than stepping out of our own comfort zone and explore the world around us by our own.

Oh no, don’t get me wrong, I’m not accusing you all (including myself) of being a nerd. I’m simply saying, we are more artificial now like that ugly looking back-from-dead wizard Voldemort, and we are all have a part of our soul in each of these horcruxes for sure. What if I don’t check my Facebook today, OMG! I will get a heart attack, or what if I am not getting wifi signals/4G on my smart phone, a simple catastrophe that is.

When I was in college, I use to chat with my college friends 24/7, via internet, landline or whatever way possible (ofcourse we didn’t had this wifi virus at that time or else I’d have been mutilated by it :p). My dad use to say, “If you take internet and phone lines away for couple of days from this girl (me), she will die for sure.” And that was the case to be honest. But with time, I overcame this slavery habit of mine, well, to some extent 😉

But on a serious note, why do things rather than people matters to us most? When we know that in trouble time, things might not be there but if we invest time in people, they will definitely come to our rescue. Even Voldemort had a part of his soul in a person, although that happened by mistake but still, Harry was the most powerful horcrux he ever created. So, why can’t we create our own horcruxes in other people’s soul, rather than some uncertain things?

Let’s all think about it before we end up getting dead along with our delusive horcruxes.




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