It’s a place where everyone is welcome. No matter from where you come from, you’ll always find friends here at T2F. It’s a place for all; art lovers, literature gurus, philosophers, poets, musicians, social activists, every single one of us. The only place in Karachi where your opinion matters.

I never met Sabeen Mehmud who started this great place. I’ve heard so much about her, about her work and how determined she was. Eventually, after spending a single afternoon at T2F, I realized that if her idea is as great at this place is, then she must be hell amazing and wonderful, full of life person.

But you don’t really know when the bad news hits you. Few days back, somebody shot down that amazing lady. She was killed…ruthlessly.

I never got a chance to meet her in person but like many others, I find myself again n again asking the same question…Why?

But why they killed her? Who killed her? I know that while some of us are wondering and mourning her death, there ARE those people who do know the answers but they are just sitting and watching this City turning into a pile of dust. But, really, from where do we think that courage to speak can come?

When our kids are growing up, we teach them to be fair and speak only truth, to be just and be brave. We pass on the words but without the true essence. For better understanding, the lessons that we teach our kids should be demonstrated or practiced.

They lie because they see us lying; they don’t play fair because they observe us doing the same. And then at some point we wonder why and what went wrong with the society, our homes and lives.

The only thing which is wrong is that we’ve failed to pass on the true essence of life to our next generation. We’ve forgotten to speak from our hearts.

Sabeen Mehmud was brave to her core because that’s what she learnt from her mother. She grew up witnessing that bravery and courage, that very same courage which you and I lack.

Now the only question that I keep asking is, what will WE pass on? The voice or the silence….


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