Compassion- The Golden Key

Apologies my dear blog and all the readers who might be thinking where I’m lost, for leaving my page blank everyday.

Yes, I promised myself that where ever I might be and in whatever mood I would be, I will continue sharing a piece or two of my thoughts with my blog. But in the given circumstances, with that nerve racking event that have occurred recently in my country in Peshawar. The innocent souls who lost their most precious gift, life, and were left wrapped in the blanket of blood.

I was speechless, numb. There were days when I opened this page and tried to pour my feelings here but ended up closing it again without anything to share.

But during the days of silence, I learnt the golden rule for surviving in the midst of all this hatrism and negativity.
And today, I am sharing that key with everyone who happens to pass by my little blog world, via this small but spirited TED talk.

You are human, you are capable of so much more than just hating each other. Heal the wounded hearts and focus on them so that the recruiting ground for such hatrism against this soil becomes smaller n smaller. That is and the only way forward.

Peace & Love,



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