Shams and His 40 Rules- my companions

Since my university days, books have been my companion on on/off basis. But I have never thought that a book can change my life. Okay! previous line was may be too filmy or dramatic but it sure is true.

During my last job, I came across the term “Sufism” and I felt a certain attraction or may be want-to-know-more kind of a feeling. I began reading about it over the internet. The relationship between Rumi and Shams amazed me and left me with so many questions. Above all, the name that amazed me was of Shams- a name full of universe. Then one day my boss, who is also a very keen reader, told me about the book she was reading. And when she told me that the book is about Rumi and his companion Shams, I took a note of it. And then I forgot about it with time.

After 4-5 years, I came across that very book on a book store and I instantly grabbed it.



I’ve fell in love with this book, with the story, with Shams and Rumi and above all, the mystery they hold within them. The famous 40 Rules of Love kept in aweI don’t know what made me read this book again n again, is it because of the character of Ella, who is seeking love inside yet trapped in a perfect life. Or is it because of Shams; a name which always had a mystic impact on me. Ever since I’ve got to know about him and Rumi and the bond they shared, something moved inside me. If I speak honestly, it awakened my soul, my spirit. It made me search for the same love inside me, the love of divine.

Try not to resist the changes that come your way. Instead let life live through you. And do not worry that your life is turning upside down. How do you know that the side you are used to is better than the one to come? – Shams

For me turning pages of this book is like revitalizing your soul, and getting to know your self better just like your reflection in the mirror.

Note: If you have read this book and it also changed or moved something in you, please do share your story with me. I would love to know in which way it moved you 🙂

Peace & Love!





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