Finding Peace; within and around

Bustling city life and a quiet evening time; two unmatched and probably rare scenarios. I know it is very hard indeed, to find that peace in the midst of this city that I am living in. But I know it is attainable in a city like Karachi, where everybody is in a rush.

Our lifestyle sometimes don’t give us much space to notice the nature’s little gifts around us; chirping of those little birdies, dancing of trees, soothing wind. For me, all of this is like a medicine, to heel or revitalize from busy life.

But to realize this, it took me quiet some time. As I’ve spent days and days wandering deep in my thoughts, trying to find that one thing which can calm me. One thing which can rescue me from going deep in the forest of unknown depression, or frustration.

I’ve read somewhere that you can find whatever you are seeking, but in order to find it. you have to go deep…look from your soul`s eye.

And it is our tendency to often see what we want to see or feel what we want to feel. And nature plays a very important role in doing that. Try to close your eyes and focus on that chirping sound or try to listen the unknown voices which the wind carries, and you will feel a sudden shift within you. As if you are standing face to face with your own self.

Walking in the gardens barefoot, meditating on the voices of birds, breathing that fresh air… Just free your mind by letting your soul fly.

Just breathe… 🙂


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