Journey of finding “Inner Me”

Life around me is getting interesting with each passing moment, each passing day. New mysteries are unfolding. I feel like am standing on the verge of an exploration…self exploration.

An exploration of my inner voice; Inner me, as I call it.

Once again I’ve been introduced to that sensation, an excited and cheerful feeling when you step out in the world that you are not so familiar with. You feel a strange vibe, an urge to let go of your fears and smell the fresh air. That very moment; it is so refreshing.

And suddenly you realize that you have just fed your inner voice with some fresh thoughts, some new perspectives.

As you are realizing that; there is a burst of joy inside you and you hear your inner me saying, “It is all OKAY, move on, see the world…you will find yourself in its minor details.”

“Although the road is never ending
take a step and keep walking,
do not look fearfully into the distance…
On this path let the heart be your guide
for the body is hesitant and full of fear.”



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