In Search of Wilderness

When you’re feeling stressed or completely overwhelmed in the middle of a city, and then you remember, Wow! this isn’t what life is. Life is the beautiful celebration of big, wild places. Even if you’ll never get to these places, just knowing that they exist. And just that life has so much power and persistence. All have a calming effect that allow you to remember….who you are, what you are and how you fit in.
Karsten Heuer
Wildland Resource Management Specialist
#Banff National Park, Canada

While doing proofreading of captions for one of the shows on Parks Canada, I came across this episode in which people who are working in those parks, tell their story and their feelings. Someone asked them what wilderness is in their view…and their answer left me with a feeling of being stoked!

I`m just sharing a small portion of one of the worker, narrating his thoughts.


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