#Celebrating “#Thanksgiving” with every passing #moment


I was just going through some of the blogs and I found this, very interesting blog. The interesting part about this blog is its title; ” Things I`m Thankful for”. It is celebrated in most part of the world as a secular holiday. People arrange #thanksgiving dinners, prayers round the globe, praying and thanking God for his blessings throughout the year, for food, harvest, having good family, business, life etc.

I`ve never seen anyone celebrating such day or week in my surrounding or society here. I think this should be a Universal #Thanksgiving day or week. And everyone should celebrate it with friends and family round the world, no matter what #religion you belong to, everyone has their share of #blessings by #God. So why not make a list and celebrate the blessings together 🙂

So the things I`m grateful for this year:

– for health.

– for the lovely companion I have.

– for my #family standing with me and loving me.

– for every sec and every min I smiled.

– for tough times , which made me learn so many things.

– for strength, to make it through the tough times.

– and last but not least….FOR A GREAT #LIFE…..:)

ALHUMDULILLAH ( Thank you #God)


Have a safe and blessed year ahead!



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