Follow your “Pati” (passion)

I know most of you are still stuck on the work “pati” or reading this post cause of the word “pati”. Well “pati” is a Latin word which means “to suffer”, and “passion” has been originated from “pati”.

Now that you know what my post`s title meant, let`s focus on the other question that why I ve written it like that.

There are many times when we don`t focus on the origin of the work or it`s meaning. Just like the way we don`t focus on our thoughts and their origin. Recently I read a post and one sentence which caught my attention was Your life’s work is less about following a passion and more about your willingness to suffer along the way” (post link)

Now it made me think in the reverse order, that what ever we love to do, what ever is our passion;  is by the day end makes us happy but also at the same time takes alot of suffering and hardships along the way of achieving it.

But in the end when you see the results, that pati is always worthy.

There are moments when you wants to let go of yourself and just follow your heart. When you don`t want to think much about the consequences or the situations and just wants to dance the dance. It`s then when your Pati becomes your Passion.

So never stop yourself on following your heart, you never know which colours it will bring in the end.

Happy reading:)


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